Welcome to submissions for Under the Gum Tree, a digital + PRINT literary magazine. Please scroll down to submit for the appropriate category. Thank you!

 Under the Gum Tree Submission Guidelines

  1. Please don’t email with questions until you have familiarized yourself with these guidelines and the details on our submit page.  Sorry, but we can’t answer emails that ask us to “please send more information about what you’re looking for.” Also, please don’t email us asking whether we have read your submission or if we’re going to publish it. If we decide to publish your piece, you will hear from us. Promise.

2. Under the Gum Tree does not accept queries. Only complete manuscripts sent digitally will be considered. We accept digital submissions only (see below).

3. Simultaneous submissions and work previously published on your own blog or website are both OK. We do not want submissions of work that has been previously published by someone other than yourself. Under the Gum Tree contributors retain all the rights to their own work.

4. Under the Gum Tree does not compensate contributors yet, but we are working towards it. Please consider buying a digital subscription.

5. We ARE actively seeking work by under-represented writers.

6. With the submission fee, you receive the current issue (digital- a $7.99 value!) FREE. The tiny bit extra goes towards sending complimentary print copies to our contributors.

  7. Do not include any identifying information (name, contact information, email, location, etc.) in the file that you submit. Doing so will mean your submission is automatically declined.

  8. We generally accept submissions for departments and features year-round, but occasionally close when our plate is too full.  

        9. Please submit one piece at a time to us. We'd hate to accept all of your work at once! 

  10. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be eligible for consideration.


 We consider submissions (2,000 words or less) for the following departments:

Flash: Every issue includes a flash feature, which is a short-short piece of creative nonfiction, under 1,000 words.

Sound Track: Music sets the tone of a gathering. It changes a mood from depressed to uplifted. This department is for stories on interacting with music and how it interacts with us. Is there a specific song, group or artist that has had a significant impact on your life? Have you had a meaningful live-music experience? Are you a musician who also writes about how music affects the human experience?

24 Frames per Second: This department is for stories on film, perhaps one of the more powerful storytelling mediums. Is there a specific film that has changed you in some way—caused you to think differently or see the world from a new perspective? Are you consistently moved by the work of one particular actor or director?

Those Who Wander: Tolkien famously wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost.” And surely, as writers, we are often inspired by our journeys or the travels of others (and we know, some wanderers ARE lost). Whether travels are from one neighborhood to another, one state to another, one country to another; on vacation or a pilgrimage, for family or for work, so many of these changes in our physical locations trigger meaningful reactions in us and the way we view the world around us. This department is for stories about travel and the individual ways moving around this globe affects us.

Stomping Ground: So much of who we are depends on the relationships in our life, blood or otherwise. This department is for stories about family—and we use that term liberally, because isn't the friend you've had since you were 8, almost 9, years old, more like a sister?

IMPORTANT: for submissions to the 1,000 Words photo essay department, please use the Photo & Art category below—do not submit images under this department category.

 Fork and Spoon: Much of life revolves around food. This department is for stories, and even recipes, on how food, cooking, eating and drinking affect life. The dinner table means different things to each of us—it can be a comfortable place that facilitates intimate communion, but to someone else it might be an awkward place of forced conversation. These food interactions shape us more than we know.


Submissions  of 2,000 words or more are considered as Feature pieces for any given issue. This longer feature may explore a department topic or any other unspecified topic. 

We are actively seeking features written by under-represented writers. 

We are no longer seeking features that deal with the declining health or death of a parent. 

Under the Gum Tree is seeking a Reader/Editorial Assistant to join its team.

This is a volunteer position that will receive access to our digital issues and acknowledgement in the magazine’s print and online masthead. We request a 1-year commitment. There is room for advancement on our team! 

As a Reader/Editorial Assistant for Under the Gum Tree, you will: 

  • Log into Submittable/underthegumtree (the queue) periodically, read assigned submissions for Under the Gum Tree, generally no more than 25 stories per quarter. 
  • Write evaluative discussion points using the notes feature. Comment on things the writer does well, as well as weak points or areas that distract the reader and detract from the overall effectiveness of the story. 
  • Editorial assistants will indicate in their notes if the piece fits into a department, and vote Yes, Maybe, or No based on the piece’s exhibition of the following: Writing craft; power of language Originality; strength of story thread; Appropriateness to venue (a good fit)
  • Editorial assistants are required to be an active part of, and receive notifications from, our Slack team, and use this tool for communications. 
  • Editorial assistants are expected to attend quarterly all-staff meetings of 45-60 minute duration. 

 The ideal applicant is familiar with, or has motivation to learn, the following online tools:

  • Submittable
  • Slack
  • MS Word
  • Zoom, GoToMeeting, or other virtual meeting platform
  • Familiarity with brand voice and magazine content
  • Ability to follow UTGT’s best practice guidelines

 The best addition to our team will be:

  • Motivated
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Reliable

 Include a letter of introduction and your resume. In your letter of introduction, please tell us why you want to work with Under the Gum Tree and how we would benefit from having you on our awesome team of volunteers. 

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